A bus or coach seats are extremely well used, on certain passenger vehicles, for up to 24 hours a day. As the seating and surrounding environment is a primary focus for any passenger on a journey you will want to make sure your brand and passengers comfort are as good as they can be.

The same amount of use may not be applied to motorhomes and caravans but with them not being used all year round the seats and furnishings can get tired looking as well, especially if they sit static in New Zealand’s harsh UV environment fading can occur.

The best way to retain the value of any bus, coach, caravan or motorhome when you want to sell or give the interior “a lift” is to get the interior brought up to date. When the seats or cushions of a bus or motorhome get worn, damaged or in need of a new look then an alternative to buying complete new seats is getting the old ones refurbished.

Whatever needs doing to update or repair your seats,  refurbishment is sometimes the better financial option. We have the expertise and the experience to bring life back into tired, broken seating and make it look, and feel brand new. We love taking your old and worn and making it look new and wow again!

Whatever your refurbishment needs are, whether commercial or private, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.


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