Finish with fabric

Choose from hundreds of beautiful, quality fabrics from New Zealand’s top fabric houses
Our team of specialists produce soft furnishings for automotive interiors to your specifications. We offer superior value fabrics made to withstand New Zealand’s conditions.

Advice & Tips

Selecting Fabric

What should I consider when choosing fabric?

Fabric is a fabulous way to freshen an interior, add personality or make a bold statement, however the textile you choose must be fit for purpose. So, heavy use, durability, and comfort are key considerations when selecting your fabric especially when furnishing a recreational vehicle like a motorhome or boat or a high use transport vehicle.

What type of fabric should I choose?

The type of fabric you choose depends on its purpose.

For upholstery, we strongly recommend investing in a commercial or heavy commercial fabric that can withstand a multi-use environment. These synthetic fabrics have many great qualities including durability and will stand up to rigour of daily living.

+ Durable & strong
+ Will not absorb moisture
+ Pre-shrunk and resists stretching & creasing
+ Resistant to sun & mildew damage

For other applications such as curtains and cushions there are a wide range of synthetic, natural and blended fabrics to choose from.

What fabric treatments should I consider?

Ultra Protection Factor (UPF)

Colours and fabrics will fade in the harsh NZ sun so we recommend you opt for fabrics with UV treatment which blocks the sun’s rays, reducing damage and minimising fading. Fabric needs protection, just like your skin needs sunscreen.

Stain Protection
Get fabric with built-in stain protection or have this applied after market. Fabric protectors do not eliminate the need for regular cleaning. It keeps furnishings cleaner for longer, extends their life and makes routine cleaning easier and more efficient. 

What is a high thread count and is it worth paying extra for?

Thread count refers to the number of threads (both vertical and horizontal) in a square of fabric. In NZ it is measured in 10cm². Simply put, a higher thread count equals higher quality. The more tightly woven the material, the more durable the fabric. You can test it by holding tight on one side and pull with the other. If the fabric is durable, the impression will spring back to place.

We recommend buying the highest quality fabric you can afford. It is worth it in the long run.

Colour & Pattern

How do I choose a colour scheme?

Colour sets the mood in your vehicle. The colour you choose is what you want to feel when you are inside the vehicle. It is important to have continuity throughout the vehicle. You can do this by choosing a base colour to build your colour scheme around. From there choose fabrics that add contrast but are tonally the same, or get playful with bold colour or patterns.

Are neutral colours better?

Some feel they have to play it safe and stick with neutral colours. This is not a bad call, but if you think you will end up feeling like your vehicle’s interior is bland, it’s better to go with something  you love. Consider adding impact with fabric in a pattern or a bold colour.

How do I Include a pattern or a bold colour?

Create impact and a wow factor with a bright or bold hue or create some drama with something like a geometric or large floral pattern.

A word of caution. Some patterns and bold colours are often attractive because they are ‘of the moment’. They can however quickly date your vehicle’s interior when they are no longer the latest trend. Therefore, think about whether the pattern or colour is one you truly love or whether you will tire of it quickly.

Top Tips
+ Incorporate a pattern or strong, bold colour as an accent.
+ Cushions & throws are an instant, cost effective way of adding colour and texture. They can be easily replaced to update the look of your interior.

Fabric Care

How do I clean my fabric?

Top Tips

+ Maintain your fabric by finding out how to best care for the fabric and style you’ve chosen.

+ Vacuum regularly to collect crumbs, dust and dirt particles.

+ Use a soft microfibre cloth to wipe dust and dirt from leather.

+ Always deal with spills immediately to avoid your fabric staining

How do I deal with stains

Top Tips

+ Deal with spills immediately to avoid your fabric staining.

+ Gently mop liquid or scrape soil from the surface of the fabric. Avoid rubbing so you do not damage the surface. 

+ Check the care instructions for your fabric or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions for your upholstery.

+ Avoid excessive use of detergents/soap as rinsing may result in water stains or damage. Test on a hidden area to ensure colour fastness.