We wanted a lasting quality product. We had experienced a range of suppliers and Starfish Interiors was one of the most preferred and highest quality suppliers so we stuck with Starfish.

They do all our upholstery in terms of equipping camper vans, both making and rejuvenating, and sourcing all the materials.

Customer service is what sets them apart… plus knowledge, experience, and a high-quality sewing operation that lasts for a long period of time, and materials that go the distance.

With some other suppliers, the longevity wasn’t there. When you buy upholstery in blue and it turns pink after 3 years then it’s a waste of money. We’ve never had any concerns with Starfish Interiors’ work because we could tell from the beginning that it’s a quality product. We have no doubt that the quality of the materials and the foam components will last the distance. When you’ve been working with these materials for 25 years you can tell. You know what you’re after. So once someone delivers that, you know. The product speaks for itself. And they’re well tested, well experienced materials that we’ve used before. And then the only other difference is price and the quality of the manufacturing of the sewing. And when you get a high-quality stitch you can tell. You know when someone can sew – it’s a trade.

For us the quality, the longevity, and the price are important. You can’t provide the highest quality at the cheapest price – that’s impossible. Starfish give us a good-value-for-money product, with a smile. They’re friendly and competent. Who is producing the product is also important. I wouldn’t choose a company that is known to follow unethical procedures. Values and ethical considerations are definitely important. How you conduct business – that is a crucial component. With Starfish Interiors we have a reliable stream of product that becomes part of our product. We know it has been produced by a friendly, reliable, competent and responsible company.

It’s like any supplier – you want to maintain a long relationship so that’s who you associate with. The bonus of having a long-term relationship is that there is an element of trust that is mutual. It’s a great business connection. Things just start to roll and it becomes normal dealing from day to day.

And as we grow, they grow. And as they grow, we grow. It’s mutual interdependence. With Starfish it works. The products are to our specs and come prepared to the highest standards.

In terms of customer service, their quoting, and their product, I’m extremely happy with their services.

Managing Director, tourism industry

Starfish is very pro-active in coming up with new ideas and innovations. I’d say they’re one of the leaders in the industry. They’re a lot further ahead of the game than other suppliers in the same industry.

They’re good at product improvement and continue to keep improving products where they can. They’re all about Kaizen and so are we – so that’s good. It’s their experience on the floor with their design team and staff running the floor that makes the difference. They’ve got a lot of experience there, and doing it for a while means you can come up with better and more efficient ways of doing things. Their teams are really good. Definitely their experience helps and I guess Starfish Interiors must provide a pretty good environment because all the teams working there are pretty happy. There’s a good culture. The staff are really willing to make things better and do their job as well as possible.

Starfish Interiors are very easy to deal with. Obviously we don’t keep things the same all the time and if we do need to make changes, they’re very helpful. They get very involved. I can give them a call, arrange a meeting and then I’ll get a team of their designers out here and they’ll spend quite a bit of time with me to run through any changes. And by running different fabric options and colours, and different procedures, they can cut costs at their end as well.

They’re very helpful and willing to do what’s needed to help me out any time. For example, when another supplier let me down I gave Steven Cherrie a call and he was doing everything possible to help me out. So that goes a long way for me. You can’t rely on everyone so it’s good to know that there is someone available all the time if I need it. I’m very comfortable with Starfish. They don’t let us down – it’s a very smooth transaction. They’re efficient, user-friendly and pro-active. Top notch.

General Manager, tourism industry

Starfish Interiors were recommended to me. I had an assurance from another company that they were the right one. I’ve found them very easy to work with. I also like the fact that they don’t just do soft furnishings.

They do some of the hard stuff like seat frames too. When it’s all in one house it’s always a lot easier to deal with. You’re not trying to pull two companies together at the same time. A big thing is the quality of their products. We used to use another company but since working with Starfish Interiors we’ve stepped up the quality standard of our interiors. The stuff we were getting before wasn’t as good as Starfish supply us.

Delivery is important to us. We’ve got to have a guarantee that things are actually going to arrive on time because I’ve got deadlines to meet. The product development person I deal with at Starfish is on the same wavelength as me too. When we’re designing something new I find that he and I are both quite practical thinkers. I value that practicality – when I’m trying to create something in my head he understands where I’m trying to get to.

Starfish Interiors are definitely innovators. We’ve created some rotating seats to fit our vehicles and Starfish had quite a big part in that side of things. They were a great help to us.

Engineer, tourism industry

Starfish Interiors are different in the way they offer a full solution. They do both seats and soft furnishings, which suits us from a turn-key perspective, as opposed to getting it from two or three different sources. We’ve had other companies in the past that have done one or the other – but not both. Now we only work with one supplier which means we’re consolidating.

The seats can be off-the-shelf, or something we develop together collaboratively. We’ll all sit down and look at what we are wanting. Then Starfish will go away and do their own work and come back with some solutions. And then we’ll go to and fro until we come up with what we all believe is the right answer.

Starfish Interiors are absolutely a player in terms of supporting our business. It’s a good relationship and they have good knowledge. The business founder had many years of experience from an automotive industry perspective…. that knowledge is what we work together on. We supply one side of the knowledge being the requirements, and they come back with solutions to that requirement.

For us that collective knowledge and the many years of experience in the automotive industry is an advantage. When we started working with Starfish we saw an opportunity that allowed us to express our initiative and our ways of doing things. It allowed us to mould our ideas and their abilities into a product for ourselves.

Starfish Interiors are innovators. They are lateral thinkers. They engage well, they listen well and they do understand our business. We share the same values of honesty and integrity. They’re a really good, honest company.

They’re set on growth and partnerships, and together we developed quite a unique relationship that works well for both companies.

General Manager, tourism industry