Starfish Seats

RV Captain’s Chair

Captain’s Chair uses our Tour Seat as a basis for its extreme comfort. Bigger and puffier cushions perfect for sinking into, yet is still comparatively light weight. It is a comfortable, attractive, ergonomically designed seat suitable for charter use in Coach, Minivan or RV vehicles.


Captain’s Chair is a comfortable and attractive seat packed with great features and customisable options. It is M2 rated and is available in:


  • Singles
  • 3 point seat belt
  • No legs
  • Two legs
  • 100 mm height
  • 250 mm height
  • 300 mm height
  • Swivel with Leg to Swivel Adapter
Seat options

  • Magazine pocket
  • Recliner
  • Spring Cushion
Armrest options

  • No armrests
  • Side Covers
  • Single Armrest
  • Unpadded
  • Padded
Trim options

  • Single Tone Fabric
  • Two Tone Fabric
  • Fabric and Leather
  • Leather

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