Leave Old, Tired Seats Behind. You Deserve Better.

Seats Sewn To Be Seen And Sat On With Satisfaction

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Our team of specialists produce driver and passenger seats for motorhomes, caravans, buses and minivans to your specifications. We also offer superior value fabrics made to withstand New Zealand’s conditions.

No Job Too Big Or Too Small!

We take on all challenges without flinching. We’ve handled fleets of vehicles and scores of individuals without a problem. How? Well, we have a great team of upholsterers, cutting and sewing specialists ready to serve you.

Our Services Cost Less Than An Arm And A Leg

We know what we’re doing. And no, we’re not as expensive as you think we should be. We have access to the leading fabric houses in NZ. This means we get high-quality products and high-grade fabrics at a cost-effective price. Guess who benefits from the discounts we get?

Experts In The Industry

Gather ’round and we’ll tell you a story young ‘uns. We’ve been doing this for a such a long time that we’ve developed a sixth sense for knowing what you want or need and how we can serve you best. Our experience in this business has made us experts in the industry. Call us now to find out more.

Call The Experts In Purpose-Built Furnishings Made In New Zealand!

Humility aside, WE, Are The Experts in purpose-built furnishings made in New Zealand. We’re that good. Oh, and we have amazing customer service and personal after sales care too!
Being a small Kiwi business, we value our customers over everything else.

It is in our best interest to deliver our promise in the quickest time possible and have you back on the road with a smile on your face.

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What People Are Saying About us

“Starfish Interiors are definitely innovators. We’ve created some rotating seats to fit our vehicles and Starfish had quite a big part in that side of things. They were a great help to us.”

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Contact us for personalised advice for your vehicle’s seats.