Maxi Your Mini

We Turn Your Minivan Into a Highly Functional Vehicle With Custom Seats and Interiors

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Our team of specialists produce soft furnishings for minivans to your specifications. We also offer superior value fabrics made to withstand New Zealand’s conditions.

Why Us? Why Not? We're The Experts!

We’ve handled large quantity orders for high-quality seating solutions. Our huge number of positive customer reviews is a testament to our dedication to providing the best products to our customers each and every time. So, call now. We’ve a great team of upholsterers, cutting and sewing specialists waiting to handle your seating needs.

Major Refurbishment, Modest Charges, Possible? YES!

We work with industry leaders as well as the leading fabric houses in NZ, so we have access to high-quality, high-grade fabrics at a cost-effective price.  So, whether you’re looking for a major or minor refresh, you can rest assured that we can work within your budget.

We're Passionate About Minivans!

We’ve built quite a reputation for providing the best seating solutions for minivans. We’ve handled business dealings with both commercial and private customers. Call us to discuss your minivan seating and interior needs.

Miniature Space, Maximum Expression

Minivans may have a limited space but we can help you maximize your soft interior goals. We work with all types of customers and their specific tastes and needs.

We Stand By Our Products 100%

Our purpose-built furnishings made in New Zealand are manufactured specifically to guarantee our customer’s peace of mind and satisfaction. We stand by that guarantee a 100%. We have a great team handling our customer service and we also handle personal after sales care to keep you happy.

Being a small Kiwi business, we value our customers over everything else. It is in our best interest to deliver our promise in the quickest time possible and have you back on the road with a smile on your face.

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What People Are Saying About us

“I’d say they’re one of the leaders in the industry. They’re good at product development and continue to keep improving products where they can. They’re efficient, user friendly and proactive. Top notch”.

General Manager

Tourism Industry

Contact us for personalised advise for your minivan soft furnishings