Window blinds

The finishing touch to any motorhome, caravan bus or coach has to be the soft furnishings and drapes.

The choice of drapes can really set you apart from everyone else and give you a chance to set the mood for your home away from home.

Your choice must be hard wearing, of the highest quality possible, and be able to withstand life on the road as well as showcase your personality.  

We provide full design and manufacture of window drapes and blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds and drapes to suit any vehicle type.


We have hundreds of fabrics for you to choose from, supplied by top fabric suppliers. Our swatches are constantly updated to ensure we always offer the latest style and colour.

Visit our showroom to see our swatches, or to discuss with us what you’re looking for.

Fabric FAQ

  • What type of fabric should we use?

If you are planning to spend a lot of time in your motorhome/caravan/campervan, heavy use, wearability, and comfort become an important issue when discussing fabrics. We strongly recommend fabrics that are 100% polyester. Polyester fabrics have many great qualities including durability and will stand up to rigid daily living. Look for high thread count. The more tightly woven the material, the more durable the fabric. You can test it by holding tight on one side and pull with the other. If the fabric is durable, the impression will spring back to place.

  • Picking a Colour

Colour sets the mood in the room. The colour you choose is what you want to feel when you are inside the room.

  • Colour scheme

We feel it is important to have continuity throughout the vehicle. Some feel they have to play it safe and go with a neutral color, this is not a bad call but it’s best practice to have something you love, even if it is edgier. Motor homes are generally small which means softer, cooler colors will be more appropriate, these will make it seem bigger and brighter. In a commercial situation such as a bus or coach darker more muted tones are often selected to not only to appeal to a wider variety of passenger tastes but they also tend to be more forgiving when it comes to being constantly touched by passengers.

  • Bold Colors & Some Patterns

Consider that you may get tired of some patterns and bold colours very quickly. If you do want to incorporate a pattern or strong, bold colour, consider using it as an accent. Patterns & Bold colors are often attractive because they are “of the moment”; this can quickly date a room.

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